Forever Drew


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Hand signed by author A.K. Steel

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I write fairytales, but I certainly don’t live in one.


A long time ago I met my knight in shining armour. The dreamy Drew Walker. Drew showed up in the right place at the right time to free me from my train wreck of a life. I was stripping at a local club, on the run from my ex-boyfriend, a thug for one of Sydney’s largest criminal empires.


I fell for him quickly, but the timing wasn’t right and tragedy struck, destroying our chances of finding happiness together. We parted ways, and I thought that would be the end.


Five years later, across the busy room of a local bar our eyes lock. He smiles, flashing his cheeky charismatic dimples and it’s like no time has passed. Except we’re both different now. He has found fame as Australia’s sexy bad-boy pro surfer, and I’m just a humble librarian with big dreams of being an author.


Could this be our second chance at happiness together? Or are too many ghosts from the past still haunting us to ever really be able to hold onto the love we have for each other?


Is the past lost to me forever, or could Drew be my happily ever after?


*Content warning: contains elements of violence and sexual abuse.

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