A Small Town Novella, The Prequel to the Raider Brotherhood Series

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Just when you think your life is as bad as it can get, think again—it can always get worse.

My daddy’s death left me burdened by grief, stuck with a stepmother from hell, and with the weight of our family hotel on my shoulders. The only person who can help me out of this mess, my brother, is halfway across the country, choosing to pretend that our little town of Deception Bay and everything in it, including me, doesn’t exist.

Hamilton Prescott showed up in my life at the perfect time. Like my knight in shining armor, he appeared, ready to pull me to safety. A perfect gentleman in his expensive suit, he made me feel seen for the first time in my life—special, the lucky girl at the wedding chosen by the most charming and handsome man there. One night with him was the most incredible night of my life.

At least, that’s what I thought, until I found out the truth…