A Steamy Single Mom/ Rockstar Romance



A Steamy Single Mom/ Rockstar Romance


I have one job at my ten-year reunion. To tell my high school boyfriend, Heath Riley, he has a son.

I didn’t keep that secret from him by choice, but the truth is going to kill him just the same.

In so many ways, I’m living my best life, running a fashion house I created and being a single mom to two beautiful children. I have everything I need, but that doesn’t mean I’m not lonely as hell. And sometimes, late at night, I still think of him. The one who got away.

Heath has always been sexy as hell, even before he was frontman for LA’s biggest rock band. When we broke up, it was so he could follow his dreams. At least that’s what I thought.

And when we reconnect at our high school reunion, he wants to make up for lost time and be a family.

It sounds too good to be true. But I have major trust issues I’m not sure I can get past, and he has more going on than he is willing to share.

Can we work out how to fall in love all over again and really be a family? Or will secrets surface, putting an end to our dreams before they have a chance to come true?


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Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 February 2023

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mark nash, Amazon Review

Well, I’m sad that this series is over. What a ride it’s been. 4 sisters that are so completely different and end up with their soulmates.
Amelia and Heath’s story was an absolutely beautiful read. A stunning second chance story. I did not expect those plot twists though. I knew there would be a few chucked in but blimey – i had no idea!! I always had a feeling that there was issues but not that!
Amelia grew to love herself and knew she deserved more. Heath gave and showed her that and more. The kids though – Ruby made me lol and Connor. What a brave kid.

Tash_loves_to_read, Amazon Review

What a great series end. This is more than just a second chance romance. You get a slow burn build to a point where you hit twist after twist. There’s so many lies, secrets and deception overload. On top of this you have great sizzling chemistry between Heath and Amelia.

Kirstie Ibrahim, Amazon Review

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