Heartbreak Hideaway


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Hand signed by author A.K. Steel

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My job is simple…keep my hands to myself and guard her with my life. Now we’re locked up in a confined space with one bed and tension so hot the rules are blurring.


I promised Hazel Martinez’s brother, I would keep her safe and I meant it. I don’t care who she’s married to and what kind of a war it’s going to start with our enemies.

Despite what Hazel’s been through, she’s a fighter, fierce and untamed and ready to run at any second. Suddenly, she becomes my obsession and it’s not just about protection anymore. She’s my shot at redemption, a way out of this dark mess I’ve always known, a glimpse at some kind of life I never thought I deserved—some happiness in the chaos.

Except letting my guard down could cost me more than just my heart…


Two years ago my father traded me to Liam King a notorious gang leader to pay off his debts. The living hell left me fighting for my life. After finally escaping I’m left with one goal, kill my husband for everything he put me through.

There is only one problem. I’m locked up away from the rest of the world with my personal bodyguard Jett Rivera, an MMA fighting mafia prince. Desperate for freedom, I’m like a caged animal gone from one hell to another. Only this time my captor is also my secret fixation I can’t stop dreaming about. With every stolen moment, every forbidden touch, our lives entwine until I can’t resist his pull and I start to want so much more.

Heartbreak Hideaway can be read a standalone or as the second book in the Rivera Brothers series.

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