A Steamy Forbidden Boss Small Town Romance

Book one of the Raider Brotherhood Series

About the book

My one-night stand just became the forbidden boss I can’t resist.


One night with a stranger was all he was meant to be. Then I moved to Deception Bay to escape my controlling father and was shocked to discover my mysterious hottie is now my new boss.

With his rugged charms, Brody Alexander is the man of my dirty dreams, and he’s tempting me to give in to my fantasies.

Scandal surrounds mystery, and I know I should stay away. Instead, as gossip and half-truths swirl through town, I find myself craving his searing touch.

Separating sizzling chemistry from risky reality becomes impossible.


A heated hookup with innocent Gisele Kelley wasn’t supposed to be more than that. How could I have known she would show up as the new events planner for my family’s struggling hotel?

Forbidden and out of my league, that just makes me want her more, and as the town becomes obsessed with her, so do I.

I know I should resist such a risky temptation, but she sees through my guarded façade in ways no one else dares. She becomes my escape from the mounting pressure I’m under.

Despite the consequences, she dares me to take what I want, and I’m powerless to refuse such sweet sin. No matter the cost.


I loved Brody and Gigi’s characters. Their chemistry was hot, and the spice between them was on fire.Although there were a couple of times I wanted to knock some sense into Brody!

The storyline was fabulous, and I did not see the ending coming it had me on the edge of my seat reading it.

I can’t wait to read Noah’s and Paisley’s book next. This series is going to be amazing, I can tell!!

It’s an easy 5 star read, and I would definitely recommend it to all.

It’s not just another romance book it’s got it ALL! Brilliant new series.

There was so much going on near the end I wasn’t sure if it would all be wrapped up in this book or leave it on a cliffhanger and keep us waiting till the next book ‘the drama!’ Noah and paisley next? I need Emerson and Hamilton we we’re teased with the first short story I neeeed to know what’s going on. I’m loving all the twist I didn’t see coming the suspense is great it’s not just another romance book it’s got it ALL! Brilliant new series.

Catherine Nash, Amazon Review

Oh my. I love this new world that AK is creating!
Brody was the best type of grump and Gigi was just perfect for him. Their connection and chemistry was undeniable right from the get go. And let me tell you their spice was spicy!!
What a difficult situation they found themselves in and as normal with AKs writing a few massive plot twists chucked in for shits and giggles.
I’m excited for more from this small town. And seeing some old faces too I still love the Harper sisters

Tasha_loves_to_read, Amazon Review