A Steamy Second Chance Romantic Suspense



A Steamy Second Chance Romantic Suspense

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I’m all for second chances, everyone makes mistakes, but Brandon destroyed my life when he left, and I’ll be dammed if I let him do it again.

I’m Cassandra Harper. This year was supposed to be my fresh start. The change I needed to repair all the damage after my dreams were shattered and actually make something worthwhile of my life. That was until I found out he was back.

Brandon Lewis. When he left me, he was a nobody, with nothing to his name. He’s returned a smug, cocky, ex-professional football player, loved and adored by all. I would just stay the hell away from him, but as luck would have it, he’s now the new football coach at Palm Springs High. The very same school where I have just started teaching dance, making him impossible to avoid.

He makes his intentions obvious right from the start. He’s not going anywhere, and this time he knows what he wants—me. Having him around makes me crazy, and my well-practiced act starts to slip. I’m not the girl I was back then. I have secrets because of him, deep dark secrets that I have hidden so well until now, and I would do just about anything to keep them that way. And that means keeping him away as well.

Am I right to be scared? Will Brandon destroy me again? Or could this be the second chance I need to really live my life free from all the fear?

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5 / 5


One thing I always seem to notice, when you read Steel’s books, she is going to make these characters work for their happily ever after and their love life. There will also be some kind of suspense that keeps your heart lodged in your throat as you work through it. It’s the absolute best.

Fantastic and suspenseful the whole way through, THE FEAR was a nonstop read for me. I devoured it. This author penned something so powerful it grabbed my attention from the start and held on up until the very end. I eagerly read it, needing to know what secrets Brandon and Cassie held. I needed to know that what happened in the past wouldn’t happen again. I wanted them to find their happily ever after.

Loved everything about this book and everything that transpired between Brandon and Cassie. Their story even had me dying to know what other stories these amazing secondary characters were eager to tell. In the end she wrote this story to perfection with a romance that never stopped once. It was right there in every turn, no matter how much they both denied it at first. I. Was. Consumed. 5 Stars!

Mandy Reads Indie, Amazon Review
4.5 / 5

Well @aksteelauthor you’ve done it again!
Cassie and Brandon are everything…. despite what happened.
It was so good to be back with the girls.
Some of the scenes 🥵🥵🥵
And that ending! I have no words. Im excited for the next book.
And that twist. I didn’t see that coming at all. I thought it was a set up! (You know what I mean)
Can’t wait for the boys either 😉

Tash_loves_to_read, Amazon Review
5 / 5

Cassandra is back in her home town and gets a teaching job at her old high school. Problem, the new football coach is Brandon, the boy who broke her heart. Six years have passed but they both still feel the pull for each other. Cassie tries to fight it, but she’s just hurting herself.
A story of love, forgiveness, following your dreams, and fighting for what you want.

Jessica , Amazon Review

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