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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Whenever I’m needing some angst in my reading life, I can always count on A.K. to deliver. Heartbreak Hideaway is a super slow burn with just enough oomph along the way 😏 but once she turns up the heat, it’s a full-on inferno of wanton, desire and just hot, hot, hot 🥵

Jasmine Acena, Goodreads Review

Ohhh these two! I absolutely loved them. The push and pull. The angst, tension and chemistry was spot on. As per a normal in an AK Steel book there were a few twists and turns chucked in and a few gasp out loud moments. It was another great read. And seeing the boys again was like a great big hug! The care and protectiveness they showed eachother was everything!

Tasha_loves_to_read, Goodreads Review

A Love found- finally❤ Theo and Ivy

My heart!! I love love Love Theo and Ivy’s Journey! Being a single mum with a sassy daughter, living a life of fear, to then chance meeting a single swoony Father with a quiet, thoughtful little son. Their lives already intertwined unknowingly through their children being in the same school, friends knowing each other.. their fate was already laid out for them. Both broken, but slowly being healed by each other. ❤ this book has everything! Suspense, funny moments, twists and turns and most of all Love and a HEA❤ another Great read! Thank you A.K Steel for your beautiful words and stories… I can’t Wait for Drew and Jennas story!! Another one that is already paved for a journey for these two❤❤❤

Amy Costa, Amazon Review

This series has everything. Drama, suspense, intrigue, love romance, family and eventually happy ever after. I particularly enjoyed the series because it is set in Byron Bay, Australia. These books are so well written, you can actually visualise the stories taking place. Read this series, I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

CHERIE, Amazon Review
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A perfect ending to a perfect series. All the Rivera books are 5 star reads but she definitely saved the best until last. This book follows the story of undercover cop Arabella who is given the task of taking down the Rivera brothers, but she doesn’t plan on falling for bad boy womaniser Kobe in the process. I am a sucker for a player who falls hard the way Kobe does for Arabella. The connection and banter between them is on fire, and results in some very kinky spicy scenes. This has all the drama & suspense you would expect from this author and there are plenty of plot twists along the way. This book concludes a storyline that has been running throughout the series and the ending is definitely worth the wait. I am hoping that some of the other characters will get their own book as this is such an amazing series, I don’t want it to end!
Jolovesbooks, Amazon Review

These two are amazing together!! Bella with her Sass & how she doesn’t let Kobe get away with any bs. he’s so protective of her and possessive even before they started dating. These two are definitely quite the dynamic duo! i couldn’t put this book down! Such a lot of emotional drama and twists put into this book i just had to finish it. Worth reading ! Highly recommend to start the series off from book 1. Can read stand alone but would help bring more light to this book. by reading Piper & Leo and Hazel & Jett books too. LOVED Kobe & Bella!

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