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Reader Reviews

Always Fraser

Kirsty G, Reviewed in Australia on 28 February 2021 “I just LOVED this! What an interesting multi layered story where there is so much going on that it keeps you eagerly turning the pages. I enjoyed watching the characters grow and start to find their footing in their careers and life. This had me feeling like I was sitting in the café at the small Aussie beachside town watching the story unfold around me. The Aussie slang is real and not “over the top movie like” and there is definitely some sizzling action between Elena and Fraser. I fell in love with Elena and Fraser but I also started to grow fond of the other characters and I’m left with the feeling of wanting to know more about them as well. I can’t wait for the next story.”

Kayzee, Reviewed in Australia on 2 March 2021 “As an older reader I was curious to see if I would relate to Always Fraser, and I absolutely did. What an enjoyable read this was. I found myself transported back to my younger years and found the characters totally relatable. This is definitely a wonderful read for anyone who loves a great, raunchy romance. I highly recommend it.”

Tobie K, Reviewed in Australia on 8 April 2021 “The building tension and steamy interactions of the relatable characters make this a read you won’t want to put down, A.K Steel knows how to create a mood that will leave you wanting more. Fraser, the irresistible alpha becomes flawed by the unassumingly irresistible and effortless Elena, but could it possibly unfold with Elena off limits…”

Eventually Blake

Tobie K, Reviewed in Australia on 8 April 2021 “The alternating views of Blake and Indie are explored through encounters as they unfold at Broken Point. The characters personalities are profiled so well that you really feel a sense of connection to them and a heavily involvement in their developing relationships. The steamy sessions leave you weak at the knees and wanting more…”