Eventually Blake

Book 2: The Broken Point Series

A Steamy Romantic Suspense

Kindle E-Book
Signed Paperback

Their relationship was doomed from the start. Too bad nobody told their hearts.

Blake Donovan, only a hot as hell one-night stand sent to heal my broken heart. I wish.

Because now, months later, I wouldn’t still be thinking about him and the unbelievable way he made me feel.

We met one night at a bar when I was trying to numb the pain from a breakup; he promised a steamy night of fun to forget my hurt. It was an offer too good to refuse. So I gave him a fake name and disappeared before the sun came up.

My plan was fool proof… I could get on with my life and pretend everything I felt for him instantly was just the alcohol. Until we run into each other six months later and the spark was impossible to ignore.

And now he knows my name and where I work. Suddenly he is everywhere I am. There is no avoiding him; he is persistent and makes his intentions crystal clear. But I’m a strong independent woman, I don’t need a man. So why do I crave him so badly?

Nothing to do with the fact that the man is pure perfection, sexy as sin, with a body made for pleasure. But it’s the way he looks at me, the kindness in his eyes, the tone of his voice when he talks that persuades me to take him up on his offer of a friends with benefits kind of deal. Have a bit of fun, walk away when we’re done, nobody gets hurt. Easy. Right?

I was so wrong!

And now my instincts tell me he has secrets, a darker side he is hiding. I should run because guys like him can only mean one thing… trouble, and that’s the last thing my fragile heart needs, but… I… can’t. I’m in too deep.

My racing heart has me wondering: will Blake turn out to be a disaster that might cost me my life or eventually the man who is supposed to be mine?


5 / 5

5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely AmazingReviewed in Australia on 24 June 2021 – Verified Purchase

“I loved this book so much! Indi and Blake have off-the-charts chemistry, their story was exciting full of twists and turns.. there are some massive surprises thrown at you that I was not expecting at all! I absolutely love when an author is able to surprise me with a story and A.K Steel 100% did that with this book!

I loved the Australian language it is used perfectly and isn’t overly use or over the top.

I think you could read this as a stand-alone but it is so much better if you read Fraser and Elly’s book first.

I can not wait for the next book!”

Jacinta, Amazon Review
5 / 5

“Blake and Indies story is so beautiful, I loved their meet-cute, them finding each other again and their growing relationship. There were a few surprises that tore my heart out, but I know there will be a HEA and a book for that character. A.K Steel has stolen my attention as a new Author and I will continue to read all her upcoming books, her writing locks you down and sets you in the story. Thank you for Blake and Indie… can’t wait for Theo’s book and hopefully a Drew book”

Amy Costa, Amazon Review
5 / 5


5.0 out of 5 stars A beautiful readReviewed in Australia on 9 July 2021 – Verified Purchase

“I loved this story. It has everything. Love, lust, danger and feel good moments. I cannot wait for the next book to read”

Debbie, Amazon Review

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