A Enemies to Lovers, Mafia Romance

Piper Acevedo, the teenage crush I tried to bury deep in the shadows of my past. That is until I took over her family’s underworld empire, and she became impossible to ignore.

She’s a temptress, with her lips painted a wicked shade of red, luring in prey with a gaze as dangerous as it is seductive. She’s as feisty as a cornered alley cat, always poised for a fight. Yet, it’s her sheer determination to destroy me that has me so fascinated with her.

I can’t trust her, but my obsession with her runs deep.

I see through her attempts to manipulate me with her beauty. Two can play this game of deceit and seduction. She hungers for me as much as I crave her. So, I resort to stalking her every move and giving in to her temptations.

I tell myself it’s about keeping her close, holding her within my reach so she can’t screw us over. But really, I know I couldn’t stay away if I wanted to. She might be my enemy, but she is also mine to protect.

When the game starts to feel real, and getting close to her means unlocking secrets from her disturbed past, both our practiced facades start to slip. Making me want to protect her and her daughter even more.

I’m in trouble. So much trouble, but I’m in too deep to save myself now.

In a world where loyalty and love are never what they seem, can we find a way to be together, or are we doomed to burn in the flames of our families’ feud?

Burning Bridges can be read as a standalone or as book one in the Rivera Brothers series.

What you can expect from Burning Bridges…

*Enemies to lovers

*Second chance


*Possessive MMC

*Strong, sassy heroine

*Stalker vibes

*Hot and steamy

*Romantic suspense

*Touch her and die vibes


*No cheating

**Content warning: contains elements of violence and sexual abuse.


I loved Leo and Piper’s story. Leo and Pipers families have been at war for years. Leo becomes obsessed with Piper. Piper is playing games with Leo. Will they destroy end up destroying each other?

This book is enemy to lovers mafia trope. It has all the grit, suspense and delicious plot twists that AK Steel is known for. It is also interconnected with the secret of the Harper sister series.

Hayley O’Rourke, Goodreads Review

And that window scene 🥵. That is up there with one of my favourites….ever!

The love, protectiveness, and care they share was absolutely beautiful. Yet again another great story full of twists and turns. And saw some old faces 😉. Can’t wait for more

Tasha_loves_to_read, Goodreads Review

June 3, 2023 

So glad to finally read piper and Leo’s story what a story it was! I had to binge read the book because I just needed to know what happens it did not disappoint! Loved that the harper sisters were mentioned. Go and read the whole lot from the start if you haven’t you’re in for a treat.

Catherine Nash, Goodreads Review

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