Eventually Blake


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Hand signed by author A.K. Steel

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It was a simple empty promise, said in a moment of drunken lust.

“Spend the night with me and I will make you forget what you ever saw in your ex, and you can help me forget why I was ever with mine.”

It turned out to be the hottest night of my life, but that was all it was, just one night. I never planned on seeing him again.

That was until six months later when he tracked me down, turned up at my work and made it obvious he wasn’t done with me yet.

I’m a free-spirited artist taking a year off any relationships after my boyfriend of ten years broke it off with me to travel the world. He left me questioning everything I knew about what I wanted for my life and in need of some soul-searching to find myself. Instead, I found Blake Donovan.

You’ve heard the scenario, girl meets guy, neither of them up for a relationship, but the attraction is so undeniable, they strike up a friends-with-benefits type of deal.

That was us and it did sound like the perfect arrangement; we could both have a bit of fun, walk away when we were done. Nobody needed to get hurt.

Until it got messy, lines were blurred and I realised I was so wrong.

I was never supposed to fall in love, not with him.

And now my instincts tell me he has secrets, a darker side he’s been hiding and it might even be the reason he’s keeping me at arm’s length. I should walk away because guys like him can only mean one thing… trouble, and that’s the last thing my fragile heart needs, but… I… can’t. I’m in too deep.

Could Blake eventually be mine? Or was going home with him the biggest mistake of my life?

Eventually Blake is a steamy, friends with benifits romance.

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