The Escape


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Hand signed by author A.K. Steel

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I’m hunting for Mr. Perfect, but each blind date takes me further from the dream and closer to the nightmare.

Until bad boy billionaire Axel Stone places a bid on me I can’t resist. $10,000 for one steamy night together.

He’s upfront with me. He can’t do real, he wants one thing only, an escape from his messed-up life. Apparently, I’m the only one who can give him what he desires. And when he comes back for more, my heart screams run, but my body betrays me, begging me to stay for just one more wild night.

I tell myself I can walk away anytime, but in my pursuit for Mr. Perfect, I unexpectedly find myself caught up in Axel’s tumultuous world. Despite all his flaws, I can’t help but realize I’m falling for him in every way.

Sometimes the wrong person is the only one who feels right.

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