Burning Bridges


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Hand signed by author A.K. Steel

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Revenge can be a dangerous game, especially when the stakes are high and passions run hot.

My family has been at war with hers for years, ever since her father killed mine. So, when I’m tasked with keeping watch over Piper Acevedo, the enemy, I know what’s at stake. But instead of hatred, I find myself becoming obsessed with her.

I observe from afar, wondering what it would be like to feel her soft raven hair beneath my fingertips or taste her ruby-red lips.

I know I shouldn’t get too close, but when she propositions me, I can’t resist the temptation in front of me. In our world, nothing is real. We play games to get what we want. And what we want is to be on top. Lust and betrayal go hand in hand, and as our passion intensifies, so does the threat from our warring families.

But when I discover that Piper is in trouble, I’m torn between my duty to my family and my desire to protect her and her daughter.

Can our forbidden love survive in the face of bitter hatred and deadly danger? Or will our passion consume us both and lead to our downfall? With the Acevedos, I know I need to be ready to play with fire, but for Piper, I’m willing to go to hell and back, even if it means risking everything.

In a world where loyalty and love are never what they seem, can we find a way to be together, or are we doomed to burn in the flames of our families’ feud?

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