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The fear for me was the second my heart stopped as I stared dead into the eyes of the man who destroyed me and everything I had worked so hard for my whole life.

I’m Cassandra Harper. This year was supposed to be my fresh start. The change I needed to repair all the damage after my dreams were shattered and actually make something worthwhile of my life. That was until I found out he was back.

Brandon Lewis. He left me as a nobody, with nothing to his name. He’s returned a smug, cocky, ex-professional football player. Loved and adored by all.

I would just stay the hell away from him, but as my luck would have it. He’s now the new football coach at Palm Springs High. The very same school where I have just started teaching dance, making him impossible to avoid.

He makes his intentions obvious right from the beginning. He’s not going anywhere, and this time he knows what he wants—me.

Having him around makes me crazy, and my well-practiced act starts to slip. I’m not the girl I was back then. I have secrets because of him, deep dark secrets that I have hidden so well until now, and I would do just about anything to keep them that way. And that means keeping him away as well.

Am I right to be scared? Will Brandon destroy me again? Or could he actually turn out to be what I need to live my life again?



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