Only Theo

As if raising a child on my own isn’t hard enough…

I’m Ivy Anderson, and there is nothing special about me. Plain as they come, really. A t-shirt-and-jeans-wearing, eternally single yoga teacher whose social life consists of her child and her two besties.

Until Detective Theo Walker, charming, single dad, who looks like a god. And has a story just as heartbreaking as my own.  

Theo makes his intentions clear–he wants to have a little fun. He convinces me to put my anxiety aside, give in to temptation and live a little. The chemistry between us is off the charts! I fall for him hard and fast even though I know I shouldn’t.

I can’t.

I’m too damaged for him, too messed-up emotionally to start anything new. I live in constant fear and I haven’t been totally honest with him either… I’m scared my past is about to catch up with me.

We’re both single parents with heart-wrenching pasts. If anyone deserves true love with a happily ever after it’s us… right? 

But is it really possible for us to heal each other’s hearts and learn to love again?

Or will all my fears come true, destroying our chances at happiness forever?

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